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Who we are?

We are in fellowship with CNBC and SEND network

The Passion Centre, is a Church multiplication movement. We design Church Plants for people that have Passion for God but don’t like religion.

We provide a safe environment and a loving atmosphere without pushing anyone to become part of an organization but rather to find their journey in life fulfilling their God given destiny.

Expect a different style of meetings and the best technology to broadcast our message trough Video Streaming and Social Media.


Our Pastor

Church Planter and Missionary Tony Silveira founded the Passion Centre with fresh vision to see Montreal and surrounding areas won for Christ and to see people’s hearts set ablaze for the Kingdom of God. Our vision is to create extension campus in all the main areas of Quebec. We have a special care to bring the Good News to First Nations communities. We have a Missionary vision that goes beyond our local call to preach the Gospel to all Nations and people groups.

We are an Urban ministry reaching the Greater Montreal area for Christ

Our Mission…

…is to promote, Passion for God, for People, for the World, for the Word

Passion for God

We start by following the 1st commandement and put God first.

Passion for People

We are called to manifest the Passion of Christ to people around us.

Passion for the World

God so Loved the World that gave His Son... we bring the gospel to the nations

Passion for the Word of God

We cultivate passion for the Word of God as the compass for our lives.

The Passion Centre is working with NAMB and is affiliated with the CNBC . We value Christ more than a denomination but feel blessed to work with the SBC conquering North America for Christ. Please contact SEND Montreal if you are an SBC Church and are interested in partenering with us evangelizing the Province of Quebec.


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Passion Centre

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