The Daniel Fast – Part 1

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The Daniel Fast – Part 1

“Pray continually.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:17

The Daniel Fast is a biblically based partial fast. It is a method of fasting that people all over the world are using as they enter into the spiritual discipline of prayer and fasting.
There are two anchoring scriptures for the Daniel Fast. In Daniel 1 the Prophet ate only vegetables (that would have included fruits) and drank only water. So from these scriptures we get two of the guidelines for the fast:

  1. Only fruits and vegetables
  2. Only water for a beverage

Then in Daniel 10 we read that the Prophet ate no meat nor any precious breads or foods and he drank no wine for 21 days. So from this scripture, we get a third guideline:

  1. No sweeteners and no breads

Another important guideline is drawn from Jewish fasting principles, where no leaven is used during the fast. So that’s why yeast, baking powder and the like are not allowed on the Daniel Fast.
When asked about the eating plan on the Daniel Fast, I say it is a “vegan diet with even more restrictions.”

You can add your vitamin supplements and if you think that you cannot follow this fast just choose to fast coffee and tea, fast Television or Newspapers. Above all remember that this is a special time to seek God and whatever you commit to fast for 21 days is like an offering to the Lord. If you have addictions to cigarettes or a drinking problem if you stop for 21 days you will be delivered from that bad habit. This might be the season that you where waiting for and you never had the courage to stop but by participating in a group fast will help you to regain control of your life.

The Daniel Fast for the body, soul and spirit

The Bible teaches us that we are a spirit, we have a soul and we live in a body. The Daniel Fast affects all three parts of us as we enter into a period of time for focused prayer and fasting.

The Body – Certainly our bodies are effected as our diet is changed, for some in very dramatic ways, during the Daniel Fast. Many men and women experience detoxing from caffeine, chemicals and sugar. The symptoms are most often headaches, leg cramps, fatigue and malaise.

Most people lose weight during the Daniel Fast. And many report healings from diabetes, allergies, arthritis and cancer.

The Soul – Frequently referred to as “the flesh” in the Bible, the soul is also greatly impacted during the Daniel Fast. The soul is the seat of our emotions, intellect, personality and will. It is in the “soulish realm” where we experience cravings, frustration, anger . . . and even happiness.

During the Daniel Fast, your soul may very well rebel against the dramatic change in your diet. Experiencing and winning this battle over the flesh is often one of the most powerful lessons of the Daniel Fast.
The Daniel Fast Tony Silveira, 2012

The Spirit Our spirit is that born-again part of us that surrenders to God and then abides with the Father and the Son. Our spirit is filled with the Holy Spirit when we yield to Him. During the Daniel Fast, we want to put our spirit in charge of the other two parts of us. When our flesh is acting out with a craving, we take control of it with our spirit (just as a parent takes control of a rebellious child).

Fasting is always coupled with a spiritual goal. So during this time of fasting, you will want to focus on prayer, study and meditation.

What if you have health issues?

Fasting should never bring harm to the body. And if you have concerns, be sure to consult your health professional before going on the Daniel Fast or making any major dietary change.

The Daniel Fast is a very healthy way to eat! So health professionals will support this eating plan, but might suggest a few modifications if you have health issues that need special attention. For example, pregnant and nursing mothers might get instructions to add fish, chicken and cheese into the Daniel Fast, but otherwise stay the course. Diabetics may need to add more carbohydrates or include chicken and fish. Also, those who are especially active either through sports, bodybuilding or vocation may need to slightly alter the eating plan.

I encourage you to check with your doctor . . . and by the way, being addicted to Snickers and Coke don’t count as a special need!
Do you know that the Creator of everything ever made wants to bless you, heal you, care for you and love you? That’s our God . . . and to all of His promises in the Bible that you want to claim for yourself, He says, “Yes and Amen! You can have them, my precious child.”

God’s Word has a solution for every problem or challeng you face. Spending time in His Word is spending time with your Lord. He loves you. He wants you to know Him . . . and you do that by studying and meditating on His Word.

Do you have a need? Then follow these steps:

  • First: find two or three scriptures in the Bible that apply to your concern. God’s Word is true – so base your prayer on His promises.
  • Second: open your heart to God’s Holy Spirit. Ask Him to show you anything you may need to know about this matter.
  • Third: write down your prayer request like a petition to God based on what He’s already said in His Word. Date it, sign it and consider this a contract. You have submitted your petition to the Lord and according to Jesus, anything you ask in His name, and believe you receive, you will get it.
  • Fourth: what does the enemy say about your situation? What does God say about your situation? What are you going to say about it? You want to declare the truth of God by speaking His words aloud.
  • Fifth: praise God for answering your need; trust in Him that He is at work and He has already answered you.